One of three principal families in Western classification (with strings and percussion), these are instruments played by blowing or drawing air through them.
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Brasses are wind instruments made of brass or other metal in which sound is produced through vibration of the lips, and pitch is controlled by lip pressure as well as adjustment of the length of the sound tube by means of valves, a slide, or changeable sections of pipe called crooks. Sub-families include trumpet, cornet, horn, trombone, and tuba. Before the 19th century, each sub-family was represented in ranges from soprano to bass (producing such instruments as the bass trumpet), but modern usage has rendered archaic all but one or two from each group.
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Forums, newsgroups and mailing lists for wind instrument makers are also appropriate.

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Informational sites about ocarinas.
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Organizations, associations, societies, and clubs focusing on wind instruments.
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Informational sites the pan pipe or panflute instrument (both the South American and Romanian versions), as well as sites for players of the instrument.
Tin Whistle, also called "Penny Whistle" or "Irish Whistle" is a six-hole, end-blown flute. Versions of the penny whistle are found in many cultures around the world.
This category is for informational sites about the tin whistle. Stores should be submitted to /Shopping/Music/Instruments/Winds/Tin_Whistle/
One of two main subfamilies of wind instruments, the other being brass. Woodwinds include the flute and recorder as well as reed-actuated types such as the saxophone and oboe. May be of made of wood or of another material such as metal or plastic.
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