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The angklung is a percussion musical instrument from Indonesia. It is made entirely of bamboo and uses no metal or nails in its construction. Each angklung sounds a single note, thus requiring an ensemble to play music, similar to hand bells.
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The berimbau is an Afro-Brazilian instrument traditionally used in capoeira, a martial arts style that incorporates music and dance.

The instrument consists of a wooden stick strung with a steel string to form a bow, with a gourd or small woven basket serving as a resonator, a coin or flat stone, and a shaker called a caxixi. The string is struck with a thin stick.

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Percussion instrument made of a circular brass plate, which may be played in pairs by striking together, or struck with mallets or sticks.
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Hang is a musical instrument constructed from two half-shells of drawn and nitrided steel sheet glued together. The Hang is typically played resting on the player's lap.
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Glass instruments are often tuned by being filled with water and played by rubbing wet fingers around the rims.
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The traditional laundry washboard, also referred to as a rub board, was sometimes hung from the neck by string and has evolved into a worn corrugated vest. The vest is known as a rubboard or, in Cajun French, a frottoir. Both are played with scratchers of the musician's choice, such as bottle openers, sewing thimbles, and gloves with metal objects glued to the fingers. The simple washboard is often played in jug bands while the frottoir and the accordion are staples of Zydeco.
The shekere is a beaded gourd rattle with origins in West Africa.
Spoons are clapper instruments. They are played in pairs, usually with a pair in each hand.
Please submit sites dealing with constructing, playing, or composing for the tilaphone.
The tilaphone, invented by Michael Doherty, is a percussion instrument constructed of rows of tiles made of stone, ceramic, and porcelain.
Invented by Richard A. Waters in the late 1960s, the waterphone is composed of a chamber and pipes containing water. It can be played with mallets, a bow, or by hand.
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