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This subcategory includes firms which build, repair or maintain pipe organs, as well as companies and individuals who manufacture and/or sell pipe organ parts.
Listings of pipe organs according to type or geographic location.
Only sites for pipe organs of obvious historical character are included in this category. Sites devoted to newer pipe organs are found in
This subcategory includes sites devoted to the history of individual pipe organs, styles, regions or builders.
For sites about a single, specific pipe organ.
Sites for organizations associated with a specific instrument should be submitted to Arts/Music/Instruments/Keyboard/Organ/Pipe_Organs/Individual_Instruments
Institutions or associations connected with or pertaining to the pipe organ in general.
Please submit sites about the portative (portatif) organ, including pictures, specifications, history, building instructions, and the like.
The portative organ (sometimes called an organetto, although this term is also used for certain accordian-like instruments) was a portable pipe organ played with the right hand while the left pumped a bellows to produce air flow.
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