This category covers all aspects of organs, including construction, maintenance, history, music and playing.
Sites of general interest are placed in the main Organ category. More specialized topics are covered by subcategories.
Musical instruments with organ pipes (and frequently pitched and unpitched percussion instruments as well) that are played by mechanical means, such as punched paper rolls or cards.
Professionals who offer services to organ purchasers.
This subcategory includes companies that manufacture or sell electronic organs.
Please submit only sites for manufacturers. Dealer sites should be submitted to Arts: Music: Instruments: Keyboard: Organ: Electronic Organs: Dealers
Keyboard instruments that produce sound by passing air over a free reed, such as harmoniums, reed organs and melodeons.
This subcategory includes personal pages for organists and recitalists.
Professional, educational or recreational associations for organists.
This subcategory covers organ music and composers.
This subcategory contains sites that are devoted to the pipe organ, ranging from educational sites to preservation organizations to pages about individual organs.
Only sites for pipe organs of obvious historical character are included in this category. Sites devoted to newer pipe organs are found in
The subcategory includes theatre organs (and occasionally theatres as well), theatre organists and theatre organ music.
This category is for organists who perform primarily theatre organ style music. Organists who perform in other styles but perform a substantial amount of theatre organ style music should be submitted to Arts/Music/Instruments/Keyboard/Organ/Organists mentioning that fact so that appropriate cross-reference can be made. For sites about a single organist, please use "Last Name, First Name" as the title of the site.