For sites about specific instruments and their families. Subjects include musical range and tone, technical specifications, history, and instrument making, manufacture and repair.
For general sites pertaining to musical instruments and instrument-making. Sites for walk-in stores belong in the Regional category relevant to the store location(s).

Online retail shopping sites belong in the Shopping category. (/Shopping/Music/Instruments)

Sites that are not in English belong in the World category.

Sites providing free instrument education, or about instrument education. Teachers can be found in the Regional part of the directory listed according to where they teach. Commercial sites can be found in the Shopping branch.
Submit to this category sites containing free, online/downloadable instrument education. If your site is only about one type of instrument, please submit to the appropriate sub category for that instrument type.

If you are a tutor with a site about the lessons that you offer, please submit your site to the appropriate locality in Regional.

If your site primarily advertises commercial instrument education which can be accessed from home, then please submit to Shopping

Producing musical sounds by electronic means, including synthesizers, samplers, and electronic keyboards.
Electro-mechanical instruments are listed elsewhere. For example, the electric piano, which uses a mechanical action to strike a reed or tine, will be found under Keyboard/Piano. The electric guitar will be found under Stringed/Guitar.
Concerts, festivals, and competitions that focus on a particular musical instrument or instrument family.
Information about the musical instruments of India.
General sites about Japanese musical instruments.
Online stores selling handcrafted Japanese instruments should submit to the appropriate category under Shopping: Music: Instruments.
Type of instrument in which a set of levers, or keys, actuate sound. This includes instruments with hammered or plucked strings such as the piano and harpsichord, wind-blown instruments such as the organ, keyboard-actuated electronic synthesizers, and electro-mechanical electric pianos.
Submit sites with significant content relating to multiple early keyboard instruments, eg harpsichord and clavichord. Sites relating predominantly to one type of instrument should be submitted in the appropriate subcategory.
Magazines and e-zines that focus on musical instruments in general.
Sites of magazines and e-zines that focus on a particular instrument or instrument family should be submitted to that category instead.
For companies and individual craft workers making musical instruments, both professional and amateur. This top-level category is for sites covering instruments in more than one musical family. Also see subcategories for specific families and instruments. Sites may promote or illustrate products, demonstrate techniques, or give biographical, historic or other information. Also for forums, newgroups and mailing lists on the subject, as well as for sites of interest to instrument makers including, kits, plans, instructions, parts or specialized tools. Also see the Manufacturers sub-category for companies making relatively large numbers of instruments.

Find the most specific category within the grouping for submission of the site. Only submit to this category if no "Maker" "Manufacturer" category exists to cover the instrument, or if the site covers the manufacture of instruments in more than one category. Suggesting a site to thw wrong category will cause delays in getting reviewed.

Instrument manufacturers should be sent to Arts: Music: Instruments: Manufacturers

Sites selling online, but not building instruments ahould be submitted to the correct category within Shopping: Music: Instruments

Wholesalers and distributers should be submitted to Business: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Wholesale and Distribution

Stores that do not sell online should be submitted to the correct location within Regional

Repair sites should be sent to Arts: Music: Instruments: Repair

Companies making musical instruments in quantity for distribution and sales through dealers. Distinguished from instrument makers, who are generally artisans making instruments singly or in small batches, and either selling them directly to musicians or through one or two retailers.

Instrument makers should be sent to Arts: Music: Instruments: Makers

Wholesalers and distributers should be submitted to Business: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Wholesale and Distribution

Web sites in this category offer information about musical instruments that are traditional to the Middle East. This could include, but is not limited to, the oud, saz, kanun, dumbek, tabla, riqq, sagat, zurna, mizmar, ney, and others.
Online stores featuring Middle Eastern instruments should be submitted to Shopping: Music: Instruments: Ethnic and Regional: Middle Eastern

A directory containing listings of Native American musical instruments.
Used to describe instruments played either by striking a membrane such as a drum or a piece of hard material such as wood, metal or plastic (for example, a cymbal), or by shaking (such as a tambourine). They can also be divided into instruments producing sounds of definite pitch such as tympani, and those that do not, such as the snare drum.
Please submit sites with informational content about the Indonesian instrument, the angklung.

Retail sites offering at home shopping should be sent to Shopping

When submitting to a category please include any points of particular interest pertaining to your website. This will help in the reviewing of your site. Thank you
Any of the bellows-driven free-reed instruments, including accordion, concertina, melodeon, bandoneon and other relatives.
Online stores will not be listed in this category. Please submit them to Shopping: Music: Instruments: Squeezebox.
One of three principal families (with winds and percussion) in European classification. Sound is produced by plucking or drawing a bow across one or more strings held in tension. Pitch is adjusted by changing the length of strings, the tension, or both. Volume is increased by the use of a resonant air chamber, electronic amplification, or both.
Submit sites to an appropriate subcategory rather than the parent family.
One of three principal families in Western classification (with strings and percussion), these are instruments played by blowing or drawing air through them.
Most sites should be submitted to a category for a specific instrument in a sub-family such as woodwinds or brass. Online retailers specializing in wind instruments can be found at Shopping/Music/Instruments/Winds.