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Please, only submit official sites for departments, conservatories or schools of Music in this category. Special, or more specific information, such as concerning a jazz workshop, individual class offerings or ensembles are better suited in categories dealing with that particular field of interest.
"Academic Departments" are part of a larger entity, such as a university. However, the sites appropriate to this category are not limited to the academic departments of universities. Many conservatories (or their departments) can be appropriately listed here.
This category is for distance learning only. Do not submit sites which provide only web guides, PDFs, or other resources without directed instruction. Distance learning is not text based materials simply uploaded onto the Internet for browsing. Distance learning requires appropriate studied methodologies and approaches to education, and the support of such. Universities will not be listed here. Thank you.
There is currently no description created for this category.
If your site advertizes private lessons,
please submit it in the most appropriate category inside Regional

If your site is not in english, please submit in the most appropriate category inside World

Thank you

Here are listed all departments, colleges and music schools worldwide.
If your site offers commercial services or products only, please submit it under a different category, such as one under Business or Shopping. This category is limited to free resources.
This category is for free resources about music education: articles, materials, and information.
If your site offers information in sufficient depth about your publications, works, honors, or methods, it may be listed here. Teachers simply offering music lessons are more appropriately listed in a geographic location under Regional.
For music teachers of importance to the profession, such as authors of methods and techniques.
If on your site you sells books and materials for music education for children, please submit it to Shopping/Music/Lessons_and_Instruction/For_Children
Here you can find resources and articles about music education for children.
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