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A South African post-rock trio.
Icelandic punk-rap band.
Portland-based indie rock side-project featuring Sam Coomes, formerly of Donner Party and Heatmeiser, and Janet Weiss, currently of Sleater Kinney.
Category containing sites related to Suzi Quatro.
Queen Rockgroup Queen reigned the world during for over 25 years with smash hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust and I Want To Break Free.
Oklahoma-based group specializing in Irish and Scottish English Folk, dance, and Renaissance music.
Queensryche is a band from the Seattle, Washington area. The group has released several albums since 1983, blending progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal. Best-known are 1988's Operation: Mindcrime and 1990's Empire, which spawned the hit single Silent Lucidity. Their latest release, Hear in the Now Frontier (1997), signaled the departure of founding member Chris DeGarmo, replaced on their forthcoming release Q2K (Sept 99) by Kelly Gray.
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Queens of the Stone Age feature former Kyuss founder/guitarist Josh Homme, drummer Alfredo Hernandez and bassist Nick Oliveri.
British indie rock band.
Female accordion player and zydeco band leader.
A Flint, Michigan Garage band formed in 1962, named after an obscure science-fiction movie. ? and the Mysterians are best known for their 1966 hit song "96 Tears".
Only submit sites relating to ? and the Mysterians.
Long-running band formed as part of the San Fracisco Haight-Ashbury scene in 1966. The band has recently reformed under the leadership of original member Gary Duncan.