Danny Elfman was the former lead singer of Los Angeles based rock band Oingo Boingo and now is a full time film composer. Afer writing the score to Tim Burton's BATMAN, Danny Elfman was launched into superstar status in the film music world - even after though he had written such popular scores for Burton's previous films PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE and BEETLEJUICE. It wasn't until BATMAN that Elfman achieved status as a formidable composer. Danny Elfman has since written some of the most popular scores of the last decade - BATMAN RETURNS, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, SOMMERSBY, BLACK BEAUTY and MARS ATTACKS! Since then his composing style has shifted from largely symphonic works to more darkly personal and smaller scores like DEAD PRESIDENTS, TO DIE FOR and recently A SIMPLE PLAN. Danny Elfman received his first two Academy Award nominations for Best Dramatic and Best Original Comedy scores for GOOD WILL HUNTING and MEN IN BLACK. Since then he has written music for Sam Raimi's A SIMPLE PLAN, Steve Zaillian's A CIVIL ACTION and Jon Turtletaub's INSTINCT.