Movie series about an immortal Scottish swordsman, and the other immortals he fights, from the middle ages into the modern day. An immortal may only be killed by decapitation, and when only one is left he will gain great power. "There can only be one" is a famous quote. The original movie spawned a sequel which was greatly criticised, and the third in the series, and television spinoffs, ignore it. The fourth film Endgame joins together characters from the films with those from the TV series.
The 2007 film directed by Brett Leonard and starring Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod.
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Much criticised sequel to the original movie. Set in the future (after Duncan McLeod got the gift of mortality for being the last immortal), brings in an alien race, a planet-wide energy shield, resurrects other immortals, and otherwise contradicts the plot of the first film. The directors' cut "Highlander II: The Renegade Version" is said to be a great improvement on the original release.