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84 Charing Cross Road - UK/USA (1986), directed by David Hugh Jones. A New York woman (Anne Bancroft) conducts a long correspondence with an antiquarian bookseller (Anthony Hopkins) in London.
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8 Mile is a 2002 drama rich with rap performances, about a young white emcee trying to find his niche in Detroit's hip-hop scene, while dealing with problems at home, at work, and in his social surroundings. Directed by Curtis Hanson, it stars Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III), Kim Basinger, and Brittany Murphy. This subcategory is for sites relating to the film.
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8 Women (also known as 8 femmes) is a 2002 musical/comedy/crime/mystery film about the murder of an industrialist and his potential murderers, his wife Gaby, his daugthers Suzon and Catherine, his mother-in-law Mamy, his sister-in-law Augustine, his sister Pierette, the cook Chanel and the maid Louise. Directed by François Ozon, the film stars Danielle Darrieux and Catherine Deneuve.
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8½ Women - UK (1999), comedy written and directed by Peter Greenaway. Following the death of the mother, a father (John Standing) and son (Matthew Delamere) open up a brothel in their Genevan estate with eight and a half concubines, after watching Fellini's "8 1/2". With Toni Collette and Polly Walker.