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Stephen Daldry - British theatre and movie director, born 2 May 1961, Dorset, England, UK. Movies include 'Billy Elliot' (2000), and 'The Hours' (2002).
Sites devoted to director also known as Julian Breen, Ellen Cabot, Richard Chasen, Eric Mancini, Jack Reed, Victoria Sloan and Martin Tate.
Sites devoted to epic filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille.
Sites devoted to Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme.
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Claire Denis is a Paris-based filmmaker internationally recognized for her fearless investigation of the human condition.
(1902-1974) Italian motion-picture director, actor, and producer, one of the chief exponents of neorealism, a movement among Italian filmmakers that developed after the end of World War II.
Sites devoted to the director of classic films such as "Crime Wave", "Pitfall" and "House of Wax".
Director of God's Army and Brigham City.
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