This category is for websites of print publications with content related to the arts, but not strictly literary in nature.
Please note that this category is for print publications that cover several types of arts. It is not for general print publications or ones that specialize in one art form. There are a large number of magazine and e-zine categories in ODP, select the most appropriate to submit your site to.

Sites with sexual content intended solely to educate or inform may be submitted here, but sites with text or images intended to arouse are forbidden. If submitted, they will not be listed here.

Online publications that cover multiple arts should be submitted to E-Zines, or the appropriate subcategory.

Online publications that cover fashion should be submitted to Fashion/Magazines_and_E-zines, or the appropriate subcategory.

Sites which sell several magazines, but which are not the site of a single magazine, should be submitted to Shopping/Publications/Magazines, or the appropriate subcategory.