Sites about Dorothy Dunnett, author of the historical series and novels "Lymond Chronicles," the "House of Niccolo," and King Hereafter. Dunnett was also the author of a murder mystery series, a painter, and the wife of newspaper editor Alastair Dunnett.
The ODP looks for on-topic sites with unique content. Types of Dunnett sites that would be suitable for listing include: * Active online discussions, or archives of substantial past discussions, but only if they''re actually focused on Dunnett and her work * Unique reviews or analyses of her work. * Substantial information about Dorothy Dunnett herself. * Sites about major past or future fan gatherings, but not if they are mainly left-over announcements of once-future gatherings. * Guides elucidating the obscure references with which Dunnett populated her historical novels, but only if they''re specific to Dunnett''s books.
Dorothy Dunnett in her own words, other than in books and articles she penned.
Reviews of individual books or series by Dorothy Dunnett.