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Swiss born Irish based writer.
Author of Runts of the Litter
Irish author and journalist, born Wexford 1945.
Irish writer.
Irish novelist and poet, born in London in 1950. Currently resident in Dublin.
For websites, texts and reviews on Ultan Cowley and his work.
Author and journalist born in Omagh.
1767-1849 Raised in Co. Longford, Maria Edgeworth's works include Castle Rackrent, Helen, and Moral Tales for Young People.
For websites, articles, reviews about Jack Harte only please.
James Joyce (1882-1941) is the Irish author who developed the stream-of-consciousness narrative technique. His works include _Chamber Music_, _Dubliners_, _A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_, _Finnegans Wake_, and _Pomes Penyeach_. His most notable work, _Ulysses_, is considered by many to be the greatest novel ever written.
Poet from Iniskeen, lived 1904 to 1967.
For websites, online texts, articles and reviews about Irish writer Conan Kennedy only please.
For websites, reviews and articles about Hazel McIntyre only please.
Irish novelist, lived February 24, 1852 - January 21, 1933.
For sites about Brian Ó Nuallain (1911-1966), who wrote under the pen names Flann O'Brien and Myles na gCopaleen.
For websites, articles and reviews pertaining to Irish writer Jamie O'Neill only please.
Websites, reviews, articles and online texts for Irish writer Colm Toibin only please.
Desmond Traynor
Children's author, Dublin based.
Includes biography, information on novels, plays and non-fiction by County Clare based writer.