Canadian authors of mystery novels.
Saskatchewan based author, best-known for her series of novels featuring Joanne Kilbourn.
William Deverell began writing as a journalist (across Canada) while working on his law degree. In 1963, he received his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan, graduating third in his class. He started his law practice in 1964 and has been involved in over 1,000 criminal cases. He now lives on Pender Island, British Columbia. William has written many books which have been published in various countries. He created Street Legal, a CBC television series.
Laurence Gough is best known for his popular Willows & Parker mystery/crime series. In addition to the series, he has written a non-series novel (Sandstorm) and approximately 50 radio dramas for the CBC. He also reviews crime fiction for the Vancouver Sun newspaper.
Peter Robinson is an award-winning Canadian mystery author. He is most known for his popular Alan Banks series, but he has also written a non-series novel, short stories, articles and poetry.
Bonnie Toews currently lives in Toronto and is a business journalist as well as a novelist.
Author of the Karl Alberg series of mystery novels, as well as several mainstream novels. Formerly a journalist, L.R. Wright lives in British Columbia and is also known as Laurali R. Wright.