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Sites concerning the author Grace Aguilar, 1816-1847.
Websites about author William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882)
1872-1956 Sites about the British author and caricaturist. Works include Zuleika Dobson and Enoch Soames.
1803-1881 Sites about George Henry Borrow, the English author, traveler, and occasional Bible Society agent. His works include The Zincali and The Bible in Spain.
The life and works of the British travel writer, linguist and scholar (1821-1890).
Sites about writer/poet John Clare (1793-1864)
Only sites concerning this poet in this subcategory.
This category lists pages and sites about the life and works of British author George Eliot (1819-1880) whose writings include the novel "Silas Marner."
Information/sites about Theodore Hook (1788-1841).
Only sites about this author in this subcategory.
Works by the author Anthony Hope
Born June 7, 1866 in Middlesbrough, England. Died March 22, 1921 in St. Jean de Luz, France.
Author best remembered for 'Tom Brown's Schooldays,' published in 1857. Later in his life he founded the community of Rugby in Tennessee, USA, to be a cooperative, class-free society where Britain's younger sons of gentry could build a new community through agriculture, temperance and high Christian principles.
Sites concerning the Scottish poet James Thomson (1834-1882).
Only sites relevent to this author should be submitted to this category.
1823-1901 Sites about the Victorian novelist. Works include Heartsease and Dynevor Terrace.