This category contains various kinds of "haiku" that do not reflect the Japanese tradition or the serious adaptations of that tradition by poets writing in English. This includes, but is not limited to, "Spamku", Scifaiku, and similar cooptations of the superficial formal aspects of haiku for humorous or other purposes. Some web sites contain a mixture of haiku and these pseudo-haiku poems, or contain poems that seem to be in the border zone between the two. Generally, such sites will be listed under the category Haiku and Related Forms. In other words, the inclusion of some material that might irk a haiku purist will not automatically consign a site to this category. (Sites devoted to senryu, for example, will remain under the Haiku and Related category.) At the same time, this pseudo haiku category should not be considered a dumping ground, but rather a collection of sites that feature interesting offshoots at least distantly related to haiku. According to the deepest tradition of haikai, these offshoots should be appreciated for themselves.