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This category includes poetry criticism and theory in the form of book reviews, essays, treatises and articles. The material covers a wide range - from contemporary to classic, regional to international. While some online journals and literary reviews are included, it is not primarily a category for webzines.
This is for websites whose main purpose is to provide a directory or list of poetry websites. If your website consists primarily of poems you or other non-published poets have written, use "Arts/Online Writing/Poetry" instead. If your website consists primarily of poems by published poets, then use "Arts/Literature/Poetry/Electronic_Text_Archives". If your website is a mixture of the above, then use the general "Arts/Literature/Poetry" category. If your website is a guide to other poetry websites, then use this category ("Arts: Literature: Poetry: Directories").
Websites whose main purpose is to provide directories or lists of poetry websites.
Electronic or e-text archives of print-published poetry and related materials which can be found on the internet.
Please only submit sites in this category that contain Abecedarian Poetry, not sites about pre-school abecedarian teaching. If you have a pre-school abecedarian site please submit it to the following category.

Reference/Education/K_through_12/Home_Schooling/ Homeschool_Families/

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There is currently no description created for this category.
Submit your web site to this category if it contains primarily original poetry written by adults for children. Do not submit web sites that contain only one or two poems and a large amount of other content, and do not submit sites that are of poetry written BY children.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Websites submitted to this category must be poetry which may be directly interacted with by the end user.

If the poetic works are not interactive but have text integrated with audio/visual content and/or are multimedia driven they must be submitted tp Arts: Literature: Poetry: Performance and Presentation

Poetic works which are hypertextual but not interactive beyond next-page links and/or is linear in presentation should be added to Arts: Literature: Poetry: Contemporary: Visual and Concrete.

If the website is particularly aimed at hypertext, interactive poetry or visual and concrete poetry theory it may be submitted to Arts: Literature: Reviews and Criticism: Theory: Hypertext.

The sites listed in this category include digital poetic works with interactive functionality.
This category is intended exclusively for Basque poetry in English translation. Sites in Basque are to be submitted to World: Euskara: Kultura: Literatura or the appropriate subcategory thereof.
This category is intended for poetry translated into English from other languages.

Only submit magazines, or e-zines that have as the subject printed literature, in this category. The magazine should have poetry as the primary feature.

Magazines that include other forms of literature should be submitted in the Literature category.

Magazines that review literature or provide some form of literary criticism should be submitted to the Criticism and Theory category.

E-zines that feature poetry that exists only online should be submitted in the Online Writing category.

Websites for educational journals should be submitted to the Journals category.

This category at the Open Directory Project is for listing websites of print magazines featuring poetry. Online magazines (e-zines) that have printed literature as the subject may also be included in this category.

E-zines featuring writing that exists only online, whether in the form of a webzine, available by email or by downloading in a format such as PDF, can be found in the Online Writing category.

This site is for Poetry Organizations, Clubs, and Societies that can be either Web based or physical entities. A poetry organization is comprised of a membership of more than one individual, and exists to promote poets and poetry as its primary purpose.

Additionally, organizations hold scheduled meetings or provide an online forum in which member poets gather, promote member poets and their work and offer activities that promote the art of poetry, whether it be readings, an e-zine, books, workshops, festivals, or other related activities.

A poetry organization may have an e-zine, other publications or a forum, but these should not be its only function. E-zines and forums are not in themselves organizations. - Poetry E-zines should post their links to the /Arts/Literature/Poetry/Magazines_and_E-zines/ category and forums should post their links ot Arts/Online_Writing/Poetry/Chats_and_Forums/.

A poetry organization may belong to or possess a web ring, but again, that cannot be its only function. A web ring is not a poetry organization. It only possesses a verifiable membership, but does not include the other functions of an organization. Webrings should post to /Arts/Online_Writing/Webrings

Personal Poets with online communities may not post here as the Web site's main purpose is to promote the individual poet, and not the forum in itself.

The category is for poetry organizations. A poetry organization is comprised of a membership of more than one individual and exists to promote poets and poetry. It is further defined as: 1. Having a verifiable membership 2. Having a scheduled meeting or online forum for the poets to gather in. 3. Having a way for the poets to promote themselves and their work. 4. Offering activities that promote the art of poetry whether it be readings, an e-zine, books, workshops, festivals, or other related activities. (exceptions: websites that offer an e-zine or e-zine like format should post their sites in Arts/Literature/Poetry/Magazines and E-zines)
Websites dealing with audio/video and multimedia/new media presentations in the field of poetry.
Collection of web pages about an individual or group and their interests. Please select the subcategory that best describes the topic/content of the site.
If your site does not mainly feature a recognised, published poet please consider sending it to Arts/Online_Writing/Poetry or Arts/Online_Writing/Poetry/Personal_Pages instead.
The lives and works of well-known poets whose poetry has been published in book form.
Reviews of poetry books, both contemporary and historical.
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