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This site is dedicated to those sites which are primarily dedicated to discussion and/or chatting.
There are many high quality sites dedicated to The Wheel of Time which include chat rooms or bulletin boards, which might be better listed under an other category. This category is dedicated to those sites whose primary purpose is chatting or discussion.
If you want to submit a site to this category, please be sure that you either own the copyright to the images on your page, or have the permission of the copyright holder to display them. Collections of other people''s art is fine, but only as long as you have that permission.

If the art on your site is mostly third dimensional, please submit it to the 3D subcategory. If you have a site with just scanned covers or icons, please submit them to the Resources subcategory of Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series by Robert Jordan. The art here was either inspired by these books, or portrays characters or scenes directly from the books.
Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Submit your site using your main url.
  • Use your site''s actual title.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content)
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Don''t bother using marketing verbiage. (We''re the best!, Most awesome site, Check it Out!) Marketing verbiage is removed.
  • Sites which are gateways or splash pages to affiliate sites will not be added.
  • All sites are reviewed periodically.
  • Sites in the directory are subject to changes in placement, description and possible removal from the directory, based on this review.
This category is for personal fan pages dedicated to Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time fantasy series.
Sites in this category contains interviews which Robert Jordan about various aspects of his novels.
Resources for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series. Includes FAQs, archives, character lists, Geography, and more.
Reviews of novels set in Robert Jordan''s Wheel of Time series.
Reviews of novels set in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
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