This category is for sites that offer information about literature for children. Sites which sell literature for children do not belong in this category. They should be sent to Shopping/Books/Sellers/Children. Do not add duplicate URL's.
Sites about the authors of books for children and these authors' works, arranged alphabetically by the authors' names.
Information on awards and prizes in support, recognition, or promotion of children's literature. Alternatively, information on bestsellers and notable books and authors.
This category covers children's books which are issued not as single books, but as a series of volumes with a continuing character or cast of characters. To be included here are books which are currently being published and are available in bookstores and libraries, as well as out-of-print series, such as Cherry Ames, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Vicki Barr.
This category features sites which provide reviews of children's literary works.
This category is intended for sites about young adult literature. The concentration is on sites that review YA literature or feature recommended books and book lists from both librarians and readers of all ages, as well as organizations and publications aimed at young adult librarians and others interested in the genre.

Young adult readers are from 12-18 years old.
Please submit sites that review young adult literature and interview young adult authors here.

Sites dedicated to specific authors of young adult literature should be submitted to Arts: Literature: Authors: Young_Adult, while sites devoted to selling young adult books should be submitted to Shopping: Publications: Books: Children.