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British travel writer, critic and novelist.
Tonya Ramagos also writes under the name Calley Moore.
Contains sites related to author Mark Raney.
Sites about the British author Robert Rankin and his works. Robert Rankin is best known for The Brentford Trilogy which currently stands at five books and, the author suggests, may run to as many as eight.
Arthur Ransome was born in Leeds, UK, on 18th Jan 1884. As a small boy he had holidays around Coniston, Cumbria, and attended preparatory school in Windermere, which gave Ransome an early taste for Lakeland. After completing his education, he worked in London, coming North whenever he could. He became a friend of W.G. Collingwood, writer artist and secretary to John Ruskin. Ransome's favourite childhood book was W.G. Collingwood's Thorstein of the Mere, which was set around Coniston. After an unsuccessful marriage, he went to Russia, where he met his future wife Evgenia Petrovna Shelepina, who had been Trotsky's secretary. In 1924 he retuned to The Lake District and apart from two periods when he went South, he lived in Cumbria for the rest of his life, finding inspiration and settings for his best known book - Swallows and Amazons. Arthur Ransome died on 3rd June 1967, and his grave is in St Paul's Church, Rusland.
This category contains sites pertaining to the author Ishmael Reed, an essayist, novelist, and poet.
Ruth Rendell is a crime writer. She was born in London (England) on February 17, 1930. She also writes under the pseudonym Barbara Vine.
This category is for Anne Rice related web rings only. Please submit sites that deal with the Vampire Chronicles, the Mayfair Witches, The Mummy, or any other Anne Rice character or content. Generalized sites dealing with vampires, horror, or gothic themes do NOT meet these requirements and will not be accepted. Also, a description of the webring would be appreciated :)
Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894) was one of the most important women poets writing in nineteenth-century England. Her simple, tender lyrics exhibit a remarkable warmth, directness, and passion for truth. She was born in London December 5, 1830, to Gabriele and Frances (Polidori) Rossetti, and was the younger sister to artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Although her fundamentally religious temperament was closer to her mother's, this youngest member of a remarkable family of poets, artists, and critics inherited many of her artistic tendencies from her father. In 1848 she became engaged to James Collinson, one of the minor Pre-Raphaelite brethren, but the engagement ended after he reverted to Roman Catholicism. She first published her poetry in the Pre-Raphaelite Journal - The Germ. Later well known poems include 'Remember', and 'When I am Dead My Dearest'.
This category collects all revelant writings or interviews on the contemporary American poet, essayist, critic and playwright and futurist author and lecturer Mark Antony Rossi.
French poet, author and mathematician.
Rushdie is a British novelist with deep roots in South Asia. His early novel "Midnight's Children" inspired a generation of Indian novelists; later works like "The Satanic Verses" and "The Moor's Last Sigh" straddled cultures, reinvented language, caused an occasional international crisis, and affected the way the reading public perceived and understood "hyphenated" literature.
Canadian/English author Geoff Ryman (1951-) has written both science-fiction/fantasy and realistic novels.
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