Pinup illustrations, historic or contemporary.

A picture of a sexually attractive, usually famous person, suitable for hanging on a wall, or a person shown in such a picture.

Sites depicting explicit sex or sexual nudity will not be accepted here. Those should be submitted to Adult/Arts/Illustration.
(1889-1960) Rolf Armstrong was born in Bay City, Michigan. He studied at the famed Chicago Art Institute, contributed covers to such periodicals as College Humor, Life and Shrine magazine.
(1908-1985) Billy DeVorss was born William Albartus DeVorss on St Joseph Missouri. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating in 1934, soon after relocating to New York's Greenwhich to pursue a career in advertising.
(1925-1975) Peter Driben was born in Boston and studied at Vaesper George Art School before moving to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. His career was not limited to magazine covers, he also worked in advertising and for Hollywood.
(1914–1980) Gillette A. Elvgren was born in St.Paul, Minnesota. He studied architecture at the Minneapolis Art Institute but soon turned his attention to painting.
(1893-1984) Earl Steffa Moran was born in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Like many of his contempories Moran studied at the Chicago Art Institute, while at the same time working for a large engraving house which specialised in men's fashion illustrations.
(1894-1975) George Petty was born in 1894 in Abbeville, Louisiana. He is best known for his pin-up creation 'The Petty Girl', an American icon originally based on Petty's wife that lasted from 1933 to 1956.
(1896-1982) Alberto Vargas was born in Arequipa, Peru, the son of a successful photographer, and was educated in Switzerland. Arriving in New York in 1916, he was determined to stay in America and pursue what became an illustrious career.
(1919 - 1998) Bill Ward discovered that drawing might be something more than a hobby at Ocean City, Maryland when he was seventeen. He enrolled in the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.