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Sites which are appropriate for this category meet all of the following criteria:
  • must cover the genre almost exclusively; general directories or sub-sections of general directories, will usually not be listed here.
  • must contain a reasonable quantity of content; pages with a handful of links are not considered.
  • must cover works in more than one medium (e.g., literature, movies, television).
  • must cover works in more than one "franchise" (e.g., Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien).

If your site doesn''t meet the above criteria, and is submitted here anyway, its inclusion in the directory can be delayed by the sorting process. Please try to find the most specific category for your site before submitting.

Science Fiction and Fantasy related sites that contain catalogues, directories or search engines for genre links and resources.
For sites relating to SF&F games and/or those who play them, and links to other categories along those lines.
AVI clips and other multimedia resources and websites, concerning Science Fiction, of course
Sites appropriate to this category are about a Science Fiction or Fantasy theme or its occurences in all of television, literature, and movies. Site about a specific television show or aliens in a few different movies do not go here. More likely, your site belongs somewhere in Fantasy Literature, Science Fiction Literature, Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies, or Science Fiction Television. That said, if your site does belong here, happy submitting. :)
Throughout the history of Science Fiction and Fantasy, some themes have popped up again and again. Work after work will feature the same central idea, plot device, setting, creature, or archetype. The hero will kill the dragon in the name of good, or the spaceship will travel through time. These ideas have become an awknowledged keystone to Science Fiction and Fantasy as we know it, often gaining fans and followers in their own right. This category is for sites which explore one such theme of Science Fiction or Fantasy.
Please do not submit sites here. They are not appropriate in this portion of the directory. Rather, follow a symbolic link (they have an @) to a more appropriate part of the directory then submit.
The sites in these categories are about Science Fiction or Fantasy in the written word. Not all writing in the genre is necessarily literature, despite literatures huge sway. Magazines, E-zines, online stories, and poetry play an important part in making Science Fiction and Fantasy what they are. These categories also have resources for writers (amateur and professional).
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