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Do not list a site in this category if it would fit in a more narrowly defined subcategory.
Arts representing or inspired by Earth, the human environment, and nature.
Please take the time to browse through the subcategories to make sure your site is included in the appropriate category.
This category is for all sites that deal with many different aspects of horror. Horror being Clive Barker, Stephen King, the Mummy, Frankenstein.
This category might be a catch-all for Science Fiction and Fantasy, but that doesn''t mean every site goes here. Sites which are appropriate for this category meet one of the following criteria:
  1. It is about Science Fiction or Fantasy in at least two of Television, Movies, Literature, Writing, Games, or Art.
  2. It is about Science Fiction or Fantasy in general, in such a way Television, Movies, Literature, Writing, Games, and Art aren''t relevant to the site.
  3. It is about Science Fiction fandom, the subculture of people who are Science Fiction fans no matter what the medium.
  4. It is well and truly unplacable in the current ODP structure. This happens very rarely.

If your site doesn''t meet the above criteria, and is submitted here anyway, its inclusion in the directory can be delayed by the sorting process. Please try to find the most specific category for your site before submitting.

Science Fiction and Fantasy related sites that are independent of specific media, or that deal with media which aren't represented in other categories.
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