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If you are a web designer please submit your site to Web_Design_and_Development.
Consider submitting to Flash_and_Shockwave/Designers if you use Macromedia only.
If your site is a graphics-only gallery Computer_Graphics/Personal_Galleries may be a possible alternative.

When submitting useful information might include the form and method of your work, funding source, site content (single work, portfolio etc.), your connections and history, the subject or message, browser requirements, and details of other site features (links etc.). Useful terms will also increase your chances of getting listed above clip art archives and animated gifs.
This category is for the projects and pages of individual artists or collaboratives.
Net-art is a unique form of art, and straightforward photo or non-interactive galleries will not be added to this category. The art works must be more than simply art on the net. Please submit other types of art work to a subcategory of Visual_Arts/Galleries, or Shopping/Visual_Arts/Galleries. Galleries must show the works of several artists, considering submitting personal galleries to Computer_Graphics/Personal_Galleries.
Sites of online and offline Net-Art galleries are listed in this category.
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