Net.Art is a conceptual, signal based art form with its roots in the early video art of the 1970's.
Net.Artists investigate the conventions of the Internet and its users. This often involves structural changes: The artist creates a system that can be extended by users, possibly dispensing with hyperlinks, or using them in such a way that any orientation is lost.

There is still dispute over how, and if, should be defined:
Steve Dietz of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis suggests ``computability, connectivity and interactivity'' as definitive qualities of Net art.
``Network, screen and mouse do not define Net art,'' digital artist Fabian Wagmister of UCLA.

But it's apparent, after four years general use of the term 'Net.Art,' that this type of work has reached a critical moment in its development. It has found a place in major galleries and is now appearing on other information devices, such as WAP phones and PDAs.

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