Covers a wide span from the Victorian ladies' corset to their modern incarnation as fashion clothing.

More widely, includes any garment that compresses or restricts the motion of the body by means of stiffened fabric laced tight, and garments made to emulate the appearance of true corsets.

Sites that only deal with the strictly historical aspects of corsetry belong in the linked Living_History category.

Sites listed here will focus on primarily non-commercial information about corsetry design.

Sites with main focus on online sales of ready-to-wear corsets will NOT be listed here, and belong in Shopping/Clothing/Undergarments/Girdles_and_Corsets.

For makers of individual crafted corsets who show galleries of work, construction details or historical information.
Sites listed here will represent manufacturers of corsetry.

NB Online sales sites of ready made corsets do not belong here, and should be sent to Shopping/Clothing/Undergarments/Girdles_and_Corsets.
Sites for manufacturers of lingerie belong in Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Clothing/Undergarments_and_Sleepwear/Lingerie.