Those sites that display works, handmade from wood, for the primary purpose of visual expression, artistic appreciation and/or education.
Please submit those sites that offer wood craft items for online purchase to Shopping/Crafts/Woodcraft .
Sites listed here will offer information and galleries of work for individual artisans working with a variety of woodcraft techniques.
Many sites listed here exhibit a variety of styles, rather than focusing on a particular fashion of carving. This category also lists sites that feature whittled chains, pocketknives, and other tricky projects. Finally, some carving websites will appear here until it's time to establish a new subcategory just for them. Within the Carving category are subcategories worth exploring: Caricatures, Chainsaw Carvings, Chip Carvings, Relief Carvings, Wildlife Carving, Formal Statues and Busts, and Fine Art Expressions. We've reserved the Carving category, as well as its subcategories, for sites that give only minor consideration, if any, to selling. If you want to purchase woodcarvings, you'll find what you want in "Shopping."
If your site is for selling works or services please do not submit it here. If you offer online purchasing, you should submit your site to the appropriate Shopping category. If you do not offer online purchasing, then you should submit your site to the appropriate Regional category.

This category is for sites that are displaying carvings or that give information on carving. Not Sales.

This category contains information and instruction on refinishing furniture for the do-it-yourselfer, hobbyist, or professional.

Individual service businesses will not be accepted in this category, please submit your site to the proper locality in the Regional section.

"Intarsia" is an ancient Italian woodworking and lapidary method for making 3-dimensional pictures with wood, petrified wood, and/or stone. Modern intarsia scenes often use pieces between .125 inches and 1.75 inches thick, fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle and attached to a backing board. The natural colors and grain patterns of different pieces are carefully chosen to enhance the design, though some artisans prefer to use stains or dyes instead.
This Arts category is for construction instructions, general education, or the display of (not for sale) Intarsia creations.

If your site is for selling crafts, supplies, or related accessories your site belongs in the appropriate Shopping category; Shopping sites will NOT be listed here in Arts.

Pyrography is the art of creating designs on gourds, leather, paper and various wood surfaces. Also known as poker art and woodburning, these works are usually created by use of an electrical powered handheld device. The tip or nib is heated by the electrical current and used to burn the design into the surface of the wood.
Site submissions for this category can include a gallery of works, information and instruction on pyrography. Sites offering pyrographic art for sale should be listed under Shopping: Crafts: Woodcraft: Decorative: Pyrography.
Woodturning is the craft or art of turning articles on a lathe, usually of wood but may utilise corian, acrylic, bone, horn or imitation ivory. A lathe is a machine which spins the material at speed enabling tools to be used to shape it. The lathe may be powered by electricity, a treadle, sprung pole or bungee elastic. The finished article is usually round, but may be elliptical or off-centre (eccentric).
Sites mainly giving information, instruction and articles on the techniques and art of woodturning should be suggested here. Individual artisan sites should be submitted to Arts: Crafts: Woodcraft: Woodturning: Artisan Portfolios. These sites may also contain articles, techniques and tips, along with a gallery of their work. Sites of associations, clubs and groups should be submitted to Arts: Crafts: Woodcraft: Woodturning: Associations.

Please note, site offering items for sale should be submitted in Shopping:Crafts:Woodcraft:Woodturning.

Sites offering tools for sale should be submitted in Shopping:Tools:Woodworking:Woodturning

To speed the review and addition of your site, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Title: Business or Organization Name
  • Description:Briefly summarize the subject of the site and tell what information can be found on the site.
This category contains the information available to assist the woodworker, whether hobbyist or professional. The information contained herein covers the subject in a broad sense. The product of the activities of the woodworker is not contained here. That information would be listed in the Shopping or Business categories.
All submissions are welcome according to the ODP submission guidelines.

Please submit those sites that offer wood craft items for sale online to Shopping/Crafts/Wood. If no online sales are offered, the Business/Industries/Construction and Maintenance/Materials and Supplies area is the most appropriate for an interstate company and a Regional category is most appropriate for a local company.