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Origami is known as the art of paper folding, developed first in Japan thousands of years ago. In the most traditional sense, simple to intricate models are made from a single square piece of paper, entirely by folding. Non-traditional paper sizes are used in such off-shoots as Letter and Envelope Folding and Money Folding. Multiple pieces of paper are used in Modular models, while cutting is a part of Origamic Architecture. Models can even take flight as with Paper Airplanes.
Submit those sites devoted to folding paper, and in some cases other materials such as fabric or foil into different shapes.

Generally, artwork involving cut paper or gluing and are not considered origami, but cutting is allowed in the related art of Origamic Architecture.

Also, while most origami is created from a single piece of paper, Modular Origami is based on using many folded units fit together, and can be placed in that category.

Other kinds of paper models, such as those cut from a sheet with flaps that are taped, glued, or with notches that fit together do not belong in Origami.

The same goes for models assembled from cards printed with various designs.

Most of these should fit somewhere in: