This category is for sites that focus on people and their hobby or profession of crochet. You will find sites that primarily contain personal information about crocheters, their work, and their life.

Additionally, sites in this category may contain free patterns, tips, advice, links and other crochet resources, but that is not their primary purpose.

Please be sure you have read the category description below, and that this is the most appropriate category for your site. All sites submitted are carefully reviewed by a human before they are listed.

Please only submit sites that are personal in nature. Professional crocheters wishing to showcase (not sell) their work should also submit here. Even if your site contains free patterns or other crochet resources, if it mainly focuses on you and your crochet projects or ideas, please submit it to this category.

Please do not submit sites in this category if their primary purpose is to offer online shopping for crocheted items, patterns or supplies. These should be submitted to the appropriate sub-category of Shopping.