This area is mainly intended to be a directory to the 50+ costume categories spread throughout ODP. Please make every effort to find the correct, most specific category for your site rather than submitting here.
Costumers utilize many inventive ways to create costumes including stitching, gluing, cutting, tying or other means. Found here are ideas and suggestions for making costumes through examples and/or instructions.
Only amateur costume sites are applicable here. If money is exchanging hands (i.e. "commercial enterprise") please submit the site to the appropriate category in either Business or Shopping.
College, University, or Vocation Technical School programs specific to costuming.
The Exhibitions category includes either historically accurate pictures of costumes, or exemplary individual costumes pictured, archived or exhibited in a museum or show with online representation.
Costume sites appearing here may include everything from costumes from Sci-Fi conventions, historical reproductions, to costume contests, and should essentially be image galleries with captions. If a site is 70-80% on a specific type of costume, please submit to that respective category instead.