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Please submit only character-based sites that focus on no more than four individual characters that have been primary characters in one of the X-titles. Sites focusing on more than four characters of any one title should be included in the subcategory for that title. If your site features just one or possibly two characters, please also check to see that there is not a sub-category for the character(s) already in place.
X-Men Characters are those who have been featured in primary roles in any of the X-Men titles.
Please submit sites that are all or mostly all about the Exiles comic book series.

Character-based sites that feature one or more members of the Exiles are welcome here as these characters generally do not regularly cross over to the main X-Men titles.

"Exiles" is a Marvel X-Books comic title. From the Marvel Directory: "The Exiles are a team of heroes plucked from their own separate realities by the mysterious Timebroker to repair the broken links in the chain of time. Minor disturbances in the "DNA" of the multiverse have caused dangerous anomalies in certain quantum realities that need to be repaired, lest the damage spread from one universe to the next. According to the Timebroker, these anomalies have crept into the Exiles' timelines as well, and the lives that they led have been changed as a result. So the team works together, traveling to different realities attempting to right wrongs, hoping to one day return to their own repaired timeline and continue the lives they once knew."
Please submit sites that are primarily fan-fiction based. Submitted sites to this category must focus on one or more characters who have been members of an X-Men-based team.
Fan-Fiction is any piece of fictional literature inspired by a fan's love of an established character or characters.
For sites devoted to the X-Men series "X-Force."
Please submit sites that are all or mostly all about the X-Treme X-Men comic book series. If your site features less than four of the primary characters featured in this book, please submit to Arts: Comics: Titles: X: X-Men: Characters.
"X-Treme X-Men" is a Marvel X-Books comic title primarily featuring Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Sage, and other characters that are X-Men team based.
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