This category is a listing of sites dedicated to Marvel Comics' GENERATION X comic book series. GENERATION X, created in 1994 by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo, is about a group of young mutant teenagers attending the Massachusetts Academy in hopes of learning how to control their mutant powers and live in a world that fears and hates them -- the third generation of X-Men, if you will. The characters in GENERATION X are Banshee (aka Sean Cassidy; formerly of the X-Men; headmaster of the Academy), Emma Frost (former White Queen of the infamous Hellfire Club; headmistress of the Academy), Jubilee (aka Jubilation Lee), Chamber (aka Jonothan Starsmore), Husk (aka Paige Guthrie), Skin (aka Angelo Espinosa), Synch (aka Everett Thomas), M (aka Monet St. Croix), and Penance. Together, they are what makes up the mutant super-hero team, Generation X.