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Please submit only sites dealing with Galactus and related characters that do not have their own Marvel Comics title. Notably, this means that sites dealing predominantly with the Silver Surfer should be submitted in the Arts: Comics: Titles: S: Silver Surfer directory.
Galactus is among the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. He is known as the "Devourer of Worlds", and storylines are closely intertwined with those of his heralds (like the Silver Surfer).
This category is a listing of sites dedicated to Marvel Comics' GENERATION X comic book series. GENERATION X, created in 1994 by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo, is about a group of young mutant teenagers attending the Massachusetts Academy in hopes of learning how to control their mutant powers and live in a world that fears and hates them -- the third generation of X-Men, if you will. The characters in GENERATION X are Banshee (aka Sean Cassidy; formerly of the X-Men; headmaster of the Academy), Emma Frost (former White Queen of the infamous Hellfire Club; headmistress of the Academy), Jubilee (aka Jubilation Lee), Chamber (aka Jonothan Starsmore), Husk (aka Paige Guthrie), Skin (aka Angelo Espinosa), Synch (aka Everett Thomas), M (aka Monet St. Croix), and Penance. Together, they are what makes up the mutant super-hero team, Generation X.
Listings for the comic series created by Sergio Aragones and written by Mark Evanier.
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