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For sites about the magazine and its contributors. Sites about Dan Dare only should be sent to Arts/Comics/Titles/D/Dan_Dare.
A 1950-1969 comic magazine in the United Kingdom. Contained stories about Dan Dare and other heroic figures.
This category includes sites relating to the Marvel Comics character Elektra.
Elfquest sites have been categorized by their main topic such as character-based, fan works such as art and fiction, clubs, timelines, webrings, etc. Please submit sites to the category for which they are best suited.
Elfquest is the story of a race of elves that landed long ago on the Planet of Two-Moons also known as Abode. Their story is a heroic struggle for survival against the destructive nature of Abode's native inhabitants: Humans. The saga is a long one which covers the past, present and future. The comics have been printing in one form or another for over 20 years. Here are listed some of the websites created by fans and dedicated to this comic. Of course, don't forget to visit the official website:
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