Comicbook by Marvel, featuring a Canadian superhero team. Originally created from characters out of Uncanny X-Men.
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Arne Anka ("Arne Duck") is a Swedish cartoon that was made by Charlie Christensson (who used the pseudonym AlexanderBarks!). One can most easily summarize Arne as a permanently broke, alcoholic, tit-fixated amateur philosopher. Sadly, the author is no longer producing new Arne cartoons. A mystical hint in the last book tells us that Arne has become too popular to continue the life that made him that way.
The Authority, a comicbook of superheros, began as Stormwatch, published by Wildstorm Studios. It has since been written by Warren Ellis and then Mark Millar. Now published by DC Comics. The Authority has made a name for itself with inclusion of such topics as contentious politics and an openly gay couple on the superhero team.