This category is for sites that provide original manga viewable online. A site may also include artwork or other content, but the manga should be its primary focus.

The dividing line between this category and Arts: Comics: Online is not exactly defined. In general, if the site describes the comic as manga, or the comic is clearly in the style of manga, it may be placed here.

Please submit only sites containing actual comics to this category. Sites which are primarily art galleries or are written story with a few images should be filed elsewhere under the appropriate categories.

Please include a brief description of the manga''s story and genre. Not doing so may significantly delay listing of your site.

Sites that feature a collection of online manga by different creators.
Please submit sites to this category if they feature a variety of online manga by different creators.

Sites that feature several different manga by the same creator should be submitted to Arts/Comics/Manga/Creators or Arts/Comics/Manga/Online -- under the creator''s name or anthology title respectively -- or Arts/Comics/Manga/Titles if this material also appears in print and not only online.

Not your typical comic, these are illustrations with written story.
Manga where you make the next part of the story!
For online manga sites where the manga is interactive or contains more than one medium-- for instance, music in addition to two-dimensional art.
If your site does not contain any actual manga, only contains samples, or is limited to one medium, please do not submit it here.