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American cartoonist (b. 1963), now based in Toronto, whose autobiographical comics began with single strips in 1987 and continued in the series Peepshow.
After creating the independent fantasy title Zot in the 1980s, Scott McCloud (b. 1960) wrote and illustrated Understanding Comics, an extremely influential treatise on the nature of comics as a medium, focusing on structural aspects such as panel-to-panel transitions. This was followed by Reinventing Comics, which discussed changes in comics publishing and explored the author's more recent interest in digital media.

McCloud has also contributed to the field of experimental comics by inventing formal games like the "24-hour comic" and "Five-Card Nancy," and drafted the original version of the Creator's Bill of Rights.

British mixed-media artist known chiefly for his collaborations with Neil Gaiman, his covers for Vertigo Comics, and his graphic novel Cages.
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American cartoonist, creator of the long-running self-published science fiction series Finder.
Frank Miller is one of the most critically acclaimed of all contemporary comics creators. Not only an incredible cartoonist and draftsman, he is also master storyteller, with his writing skill rivaling his art. Here you will find links to fan sites devoted to Frank Miller and his works.
Alan Moore, born November 18 1953, Northampton, award winning British writer of comic book stories.
Scottish comics writer Grant Morrison had worked for years in 2000 AD and other British magazines before coming to DC Comics. His reinventions of DC titles Animal Man and Doom Patrol, followed by his surreal take on Batman in Arkham Asylum, gained him an American following; he has since worked on a variety of superhero titles including Justice League of America and X-Men.

Morrison's longest work featuring his own characters is The Invisibles, an apocalyptic thriller drawing on influences from Michael Moorcock to Terence McKenna, and highlighting his developing interest in magic and the occult.

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