American cartoonist and animator (b. 1955) known for his collaborations with Frank Miller (Hard Boiled) and Moebius (Internal Transfer), and his detailed, European-influenced illustration style.
American cartoonist (b. 1944) who began in underground comics in 1967, and became a prominent contributor to Raw and Weirdo in the 1980s. Deitch's stories depict bizarre and often sordid events in a cartoony style which is influenced by his interest in 1920s-30s animation. His long work Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a fictionalized account of the animation industry in which his father worked.
English comic-book writer (b. 1954) who began his career with Marvel Comics UK in the 1980s and now works mainly for DC Comics. In 1987 he created the horror-fantasy series Hellblazer for DC, based on characters from Alan Moore's Swamp Thing.