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Scottish-Australian cartoonist (b. 1955), an early member of the U.K. small-press scene, who has worked prolifically in autobiographical fiction (Alec) and satirical fantasy (Deadface/Bacchus), as well as several well-known collaborations with Alan Moore including From Hell.
Artist whose graphic novels include the "Eightball" series, "David Boring" and "Ghost World"; for the latter, he also co-wrote the screenplay.
A native of New York City, Gene Colan (1926-) began working for both Marvel and DC Comics when they were still called Timely and National, and has worked since in nearly every genre of mainstream comics. He is most often identified with his work on the 1970s Marvel titles Tomb of Dracula, Daredevil, and Howard the Duck. Colan has also taught illustration and cartooning.
American cartoonist (1918-1958) who is best known for his creation Plastic Man, as well as his studio work on The Spirit and other comics.
Canadian cartoonist (b. 1963) who began drawing comics for the newspaper of the Canadian Armed Forces, before being published by R. Crumb in Weirdo and then starting his own title, Collier's. His work is mainly nonfictional, combining journalism, biography, and personal musings. Collections of Collier's stories include Just the Facts and Portraits from Life.
American cartoonist (b. 1941) from Alabama, prominent in early underground comics and a pioneer in the depiction of gay characters, in the anthology Gay Comix, which he founded; his long-running strip "Wendel"; and his graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby, which was based on Cruse's experiences during civil-rights struggles in the South.
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