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American cartoonist (b. 1957) who began working in New York in underground venues like the East Village Eye and High Times, then moved to Seattle where he became editor of the second incarnation of R. Crumb's anthology Weirdo. In 1985 he began his own series, Neat Stuff, whose slacker character Buddy Bradley got his own series, Hate, in 1990. Bagge's work is aggressive character-based comedy with a distinctively exaggerated visual style.
American cartoonist and animator whose works include The Cowboy Wally Show and Why I Hate Saturn.
For sites relating to the 'Duck Man'. Barks was the creator of Uncle Scrooge McDuck.
Please submit sites about Carl Barks only. Please submit about the Disney characters in comics to Arts/Comics/Fan_Sites/Disney .
For sites relating to Donna Barr and her "drawn book" creations, including "The Desert Peach" and "Stinz."
Comic strip writer, and author of the novel "Cruddy".
American cartoonist best known for her syndicated strip "Dykes to Watch Out For."
English cartoonist and painter (b. 1962) who has worked mainly in science fiction and fantasy, including the popular titles Slaine, Judge Dredd and Lobo.
Vaughn Bodé (1941-1975) was a prolific cartoonist whose work mingled humor, fantasy, science fiction and erotica. He was an early figure in underground comics, editing Gothic Blimp Works in the 1960s. His popular character Cheech Wizard appeared in National Lampoon from 1971 to 1975. Bodé's visual style was and continues to be a major influence on graffiti art. His son Mark Bodé is primarily a graffiti and tattoo artist, but has also done comics, including work based on his father's unfinished scripts.
British cartoonist who has contributed to many anthology titles, notably 2000 AD where he worked on Judge Dredd. He entered American comics with his illustrations for the Batman story The Killing Joke, and since then has worked mainly as a cover artist in the US.
Canadian cartoonist (b. 1960), extremely influential in the North American alternative comics wave of the 1980s with his series Yummy Fur. Brown's subject matter has varied from surrealist humor (Ed the Happy Clown) to autobiography (I Never Liked You) to historical drama (Louis Riel).
American cartoonist (b. 1967) born in Italy, now based in Chicago. Most of Brunetti's published work has been autobiographical stories and satire, both exhibiting an extremely dark sense of humor. He has also produced a series of short biographical pieces on writers and performers.
American cartoonist and creator of Flaming Carrot, a long-running superhero parody with a surrealist influence. "Mysterymen," originally a backup feature in Flaming Carrot, was later loosely adapted into a film.