American cartoonist (1969-) whose work is largely realistic fiction, often set in her home town of Chicago, as well as journalism in comics form. Abel also lived in Mexico, the setting of her graphic novel La Perdida, before moving to New York.
American cartoonist (1963-) who has illustrated a wide variety of fantasy, science-fiction and superhero titles for Marvel, DC, Image and others since 1982.
American cartoonist, creator of the superhero parody Madman. Allred published his first independent titles with Tundra, then worked on a variety of titles for DC and Dark Horse before starting his own publishing imprint.
American cartoonist, originally from Seattle, who has collaborated with Peter Bagge and Daniel Clowes, as well as producing his own humor series, Doofus. Doofus appeared in Peter Bagge's Hate before having his own title; the strip combines the raunchy humor of underground comics with a detailed visual style inspired by Wally Wood.