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Sites in this category should be chiefly devoted to a single comic strip title. They may include the strip itself online, or information about it, or both.

Sites about a specific comic book title (that is, comics that appear in larger, multiple-page installments) should be submitted instead to Arts: Comics: Titles (if the book exists in a printed form) or Arts: Comics: Online: Comic Books (if it only exists online).

Sites that present a list of comic strips from other sites should be submitted to the Directories subcategory.

This category is for comics and cartoons that appear in a strip format (that is, a small series of panels) or as a single panel. Newspaper comics belong in this category. So do many Web comics, if they appear as a regularly updated series of small episodes under a single title, rather than separate comics stories.

Sites with information on conventions which mainly focus on comic-related subjects. Other conventions are mentioned if they don't just treat comics as a way of luring fanboys in.

The focus of the site should be the creators and their work. For sites that deal mainly with a particular comic book or strip, or commercial art studios, see other categories under Arts: Comics. For sites about two or more creators who work together, please submit under the Collaborators or Studios subcategory.
This category collects sites which are about comics creators. These sites mainly deal with the career and the works of the creator, and not with one or two of his titles. For sites about a particular book, please refer to Arts/Comics/Titles.
Although tries to be the best comics sites directory around, it's by far not the only one. This category, therefore, lists other pointers to websites dedicated to comics. Only those lists that are not limited to a certain subject (title, genre, author, ...) are listed here, along with pointers to other resources on the internet (mailing lists, newsgroups, ...).
There are several ways of getting comics from the artist's drawing table to your reading chair, the most common being buying the book at a comic shop. They usually are provided with new reading material by distributors, who work as a liaison between publisher and retailer.
Please submit only fan sites that deal with multiple characters or titles.

Sites that deal with a single character or title should be submitted in Arts/Comics/Titles.

What's a fan to do when he's reread all his favorite books for the hundredth time and the world just doesn't understand? He builds a website. Most of these sites are not authorized, which renders them all the more interesting, but also very often short-lived. Please point out any malfunctioning links to us!
This is something of a catch-all category for sites that have a mix of comics-related content and are regularly updated. If the site contains almost entirely online comics, or almost entirely reviews, see the Arts:Comics category descriptions to find a better category for it.

If this is the official site for a specific printed magazine, then it should be in this category -- unless that magazine is a comic book, in which case it should be in Titles.

Web sites with regularly-updated information about comics -- news, reviews, discussions, etc. This includes official web sites for printed magazines, as well as webzines that do not exist in print.

No sites are listed at the top level of Arts: Comics: Manga. Please find the most appropriate subcategory for your submission.

Please only submit manga-specific sites to this area of the directory. Anime sites should be submitted to Arts: Animation: Anime.

The term "manga" is used for Japanese comic books. That said, manga and American comics are very different. Manga usually comes in phone book sized anthologies, printed weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. 40% of all publications in Japan are manga and there are a wide variety of subjects. It is not uncommon to see a young girl sitting on a train reading shoujo (girl-specific) manga, sitting next to a business man reading adult manga. It is a very wide and diverse media, and now some American comic book companies are translating these works and making them available in the United States. The products of this fan following can be found here, in Arts/Comics/Manga.

Please submit sites to this category if they feature a variety of online comics by different creators.

Sites that feature several different comics by the same creator should be submitted to Creators or Online:Comic Books -- under the creator''s name or anthology title respectively -- or Titles if this material also appears in print and not only online.

Sites that feature several ongoing stories by several people, when the lineup is always the same (example: "Monster Comics" featuring "Dracula" by Larry and "Frankenstein" by Moe) should go in Online:Comic Books under the main site title.

Sites that simply collect online strips from other sites should go in Comic Strips and Panels:Directories.

In these cybertimes comics are not limited to paper anymore. This category lists sites that publish the real thing itself, not just information about it. Both sites with reprints and sites with original material are listed.
Sites of or about the publishers of comics.
Please submit a site here when it contains tutorials, lessons or info on creating comics (drawing, lettering, inking, coloring, scripting, storytelling, publishing,...). Info on how professional comic artists create their work can also be submitted here.
Whether you make comics yourself or collect them, here's stuff you might want to use : programs, fonts, guidelines, you name it.
The definition of "Retailer" used for this category is liberal: anyone who sells original art used for publication in comic books or strips qualifies, regardless of the size of their inventory, and regardless of whether comic art is their primary offering. However, sites selling only animation art; that present only galleries/personal collections; and that sell only pin-ups, homages, recreations, and unpublished works are not appropriate for this category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category is for sites that consist entirely, or almost entirely, of reviews of comics/graphic novels. Consider whether your site might belong in one of these other Arts/Comics categories instead: Fan Pages if the site is devoted to a few personal favorites, rather than assorted reviews; Magazines and E-zines if this is just the review section of a larger comics-related web magazine, or the on-line version of a print magazine.
Sites which review comic books and related items, both old and new.
For generalized sites regarding multiple titles, please submit to Arts: Comics: Fan Pages. For sites that deal with the life and work of a particular comics author, see Arts: Comics: Creators.
This category is for sites regarding specific comic titles.
This category is for the main page of a Comics oriented web rings.
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