Classics is the study and appreciation of the culture and wisdom of antiquity, in language, literature, philosophy, history, and related humanities. This category includes links to resources and organizations of classicists, English translations of works in ancient Greek and Latin, and crosslinks to related ODP subjects.
This category is suitable for personal pages of professional classicists, instructors, students, and hobbyists alike.
This subcategory includes links to the college and university programs and departments devoted to Classics or Classical Studies, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Sites about current and historical scholars in the field of classics and ancient history.
Organizations of educators, scholars, and hobbyists of classical Greek and Roman language and literature, culture, history, mythology, and other classical studies.
Please submit sites dealing primarily with biographical, artistic or historical information concerning Caesar Augustus including sites dealing with ancient historians discussing Augustus.

General biographies of multiple Roman emperors should be submitted under the "Society: History: By Time Period: Ancient: Rome: People" topic.

Military history should be listed under the "Society: History: By Time Period: Ancient: Rome: Military" topic.