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Please submit only articles, not information based sites or business sites to this category. If possible include the author of the article, the publication name, and the date it was published.
Sub-categories exist for articles that are type specifice to: piercing, tattooing, and mehndi
Newspaper, periodical, magazine, and on-line articles pertaining to all types of Bodyart.
Sites that display bodypainting abilities, advertise that artists are for hire, and provide contact information should be submitted here.

Sites that are primarily informative should be submitted to Arts/Bodyart/Bodypainting

Bodypainting is the artistic application of washable paints being applied to the skin. This can be done in a variety of ways; by hand, using stencils or templates, with an airbrush system, or by using various other utensils.
This category is strictly for chats, forums, or message boards related to bodyart. Mailing lists, Yahoo groups, and newsletters DO NOT belong in this category and should be suggested to the Arts: Bodyart category instead (or to a Mailing Lists subcategory there if one exists). Sites suggested to this category should contain only chats or forums, and not be subsections of broader bodyart-related sites. If your entire site is about bodyart and includes more than just a forum, suggest your main site to the Arts: Bodyart parent category or a more appropriate subcategory rather than suggesting the forums subsection here.
This category is for chats or forums related to multiple forms of bodyart, which include piercing and tattoos.
Sites in this category may have their own content, but this category is NOT the place for: individual artists, personal pages, or galleries to promote themselves. Those should be submitted to other sub-categories under Arts/Bodyart.
For the purpose of this category, directories are a compilation of websites containing comprehensive indexes or lists of Body Art resources, galleries, individual artists and related information. The directory should be well established and well populated with listings. Please do not suggest "new" undeveloped directories.
For listing sites pertaining to the fun side of decorative body modifications; comics, jokes, funny illustrations, and on-line games.
This category is for sites pertaining to the fun side of decorative body modifications; comics, jokes, funny illustrations, and on-line games having to do with tattooing, piercing, mehndi, airbrush body art, bodypainting, facepainting, and any other form of body art.
For sites that contain a variety of work of more than one bodyart type, displayed primarily for the enjoyment of others. Sites that are displaying images of a single, specific type of bodyart (e.g. tattoos) should be submitted to the category under Arts/Bodyart for that type of bodyart (e.g. tattoo image galleries should be submitted to Arts/Bodyart/Tattoo/Image_Galleries). No Adult Content sites will be listed here. If your site contains pornographic or erotic content please go the Adult listings.
If you know of, or have a website dedicated to the listing of rules, regulations, FDA, or licensing requirements for artists that perform piercings, tattooing, mehndi, or modifications please submit it here.
FDA, professional agencies, State, and Federal licensing regulations and/or guidelines relating to all forms of bodyart. These include; piercing, tattooing, body and face painting, mehndi, scarification, branding, and any other form of body art or modification.
Bodyart magazines and e-zines are informational publications that feature artistic and journalistic content regarding tattooing, piercing, scarification, branding, mehndi, and other forms of body adornment.

Please submit only magazines and E-zines to this category. Other sub-categories exist for promotional sites, studios, and artists.

Bodyart magazines and e-zines are informational publications that feature artistic and journalistic content regarding tattooing, piercing, scarification, branding, mehndi, and other forms of body adornment.
For sites pertaining to personal experiences, photographs, musings, and thoughts about tattoos, piercings, scarification, branding, and any other type of body modifications.

For those sites that pertain to ONLY ONE specific type of adornment their are specific categories for personal pages regarding Tattoos,
and Mehndi.

Homepages pertaining to a mixture of personal adornments either as a simple artform or in the context of its meaning within their lives. Including any TWO OR MORE subjects such as: tattoos, piercings, scarification, and branding, as well as all other types of body modifications.
Submission should be limited to sites that discuss or offer information relating to Body Piercing.

Retailers of piercing jewelry should submit their site to Shopping/Jewelry/Body/Piercing

Piercing Studios should submit their sites to Piercing Studios

Personal Web Pages relating to piercings should submit their site to Personal Pages

Body piercing is the art of piercing or penetrating the skin with needles in order to add various types of body adornment items.
Site submission should be made here if your site is backed by a brick and mortar establishement that offers a variety of services such as; tattooing, piercing, bodypainting, scarification, branding, and mehndi.

Shops that specialize in only one form of bodyart should check the available sub categories under Bodyart.

Tattoo Studios would go to Tattoo Studios.

Piercing shops would go to Piercing Studios.

Henna Studios would go to Mehndi Studios
Brick and mortar establishments that specialize in a combination of bodyarts such as: piercing, tattooing, mehndi, scarification, branding, and bodypainting.
This category is for sites that contain general information about tattoos including; informative, educational, and professional sites.

Sites that sell tattoo products should submit under Shopping/Niche/Bodyart/Tattoo

If you are submiting a studio site please go to Arts/Bodyart/Tattoo/Studios

There are also various sub-categories for tattoo related articles, temporary tattoos, and directories.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate World category.

Tattooing is an age old art requiring the use of ink and needles to apply an artistic, permanent design onto the skin. Various colors can be used, and many different styles of artwork can be found all around the world.
Web rings that accept sites relating to ALL forms of bodyart.

If your webring accepts only tattoo related sites please submit it to Tattoo Web Rings.

Listing of web rings that accept sites pertaining to all forms of Bodyart. (piercing, tattooing, bodypainting, mehndi, scarification, branding, etc.)
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