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Historical art sites featuring information relating to the British Neo-Classical artist Charles Edward Perugini
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Pietro Perugino (1445-1523) is an Early Renaissance artist.
(1912-1956) American painter, affected by surrealism and also by Picasso, he moved toward a highly abstract art in order to express, rather than illustrate, feeling. His experimentations led to the development of his famous "drip" technique, in which he energetically drew or "dripped" complicated linear rhythms onto enormous canvases. He sometimes applied paint directly from the tube, and he also used aluminum paint to achieve a glittery effect. His vigorous attack on the canvas and his devotion to the very act of painting led to the term "action painting". Pollock had become a symbol of the new artistic revolt, abstract expressionism, when he was killed in an automobile accident. From
Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) was a French painter who was the founder of the 17th-century French classical painting.