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Salvador Dalí (1904 - 1989) was an important Catalan painter, best known for his surrealist works. His work is noted for their striking combination of bizarre dreamlike images with excellent draftmanship and painterly skills influenced by the Renaissance masters.
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Henry Darger (1892-1972) was an American outsider artist who lived as a recluse for most of his life, and was discovered after his death.
Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance architect, musician, anatomist, inventor, engineer, sculptor, geometer, and painter. He has been described as a universal genius. Leonardo's famous paintings include The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. He designed many inventions that anticipated modern technology but were rarely constructed in his lifetime. He also helped advance the study of anatomy, astronomy, and civil engineering.
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(November 5, 1858 - February 11, 1923) Joseph Rodefer DeCamp - American Impressionist painter born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Member of the Boston School led by Edmund Charles Tarbell and founder of the Ten American Painters.

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Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) is a French artist, one of the founders of the Romanticism.
American artist exploring the connections between memory, history and architecture
1883-1931 Dutch painter, a leading advocate of the 20th-century neoplasticism movement in the Netherlands.
Italian Renaissance sculptor Donato di Niccolò Betto Bardi(1386?-1466).
French writer and photographer.
Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255-1319) was an Italian painter, a precursor of the Renaissance style, who brought to perfection the art of medieval Italy in the Byzantine tradition. Duccio was the founder of the Sienese school of painting. Duccio's most famous and only signed work is the Maestà (1308-1311), a huge altarpiece painted on both sides, made for the cathedral of Siena; now most of it is displayed in the cathedral's museum.
(1877-1953) French painter, illustrator, and decorator. After meeting Matisse he abandoned his early impressionist style and turned c.1905 to the more spontaneous expression of fauvism. Using swift, stenographic brushstrokes, he developed a remarkable linear virtuosity and brilliant color. From
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(1599-1641) Flemish portrait and religious painter and etcher, also known as Sir Anthony Vandyke.