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A country house is defined here as a house set in a country estate and serving as a residence for the estate owner. Houses called castles or the equivalent in other languages, but which are not fortified, are included.
This category is not for commercial sites. Please submit only informational sites relating to log-built cabins.
Dwellings built of logs: their construction and history.
This category is ONLY for informational sites about tiny houses. Examples would be groups that promote the tiny living lifestyle, or an individual's blog about living in a tiny house.

For businesses that sell kits or build tiny houses, please suggest the site to Business/Construction_and_Maintenance/Residential_Housing/Tiny_Houses.

Tiny houses are individual homes that are very small - less than 1000 square feet but often smaller than 400 square feet. Some are built on wheels. The tiny house movement emphasizes downsizing and living simply. The houses are more affordable, in part because they usually don't require a mortgage.
Houses built in towns or cities.
Detached houses for the wealthy built in the country or on the fringes of towns. The Roman villa was the centre of a country estate. The Italian renaissance villa provided a country retreat for wealthy families to escape from the summer heat of their palaces in the cities. From the 18th century the English-speaking world used the term villa for a house without a large estate attached. This could be the chief residence of a middle-class family or a holiday home for a landed family with a country seat elsewhere.
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