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Please ONLY submit sites here that describe/catalog a collection held in a museum, library, record office or other repository/study center.

Sites containing architectural history should be submitted to the relevant category in Arts: Architecture: History or in Regional. Thank you.

An architectural archive is a collection of sources including manuscripts, architectural drawings and photographs maintained by a museum, library, record office, or similar study center.
This category is not for architectural practices or preservation trusts.
Organized (normally non-profit) bodies of people engaged in the practice or promotion of the art or science of planning structures.
If a sub-category does not yet exist for a particular type of building, sites on that type may be submitted to the main category.

Please submit only sites focusing on the architecture of a single type of building, or an example of that type.

This category is for sites focusing on the architecture of a particular type of building or a significant example of the type.
Sites that include links for interactive, real-time online chat rooms, bulletin boards, discussion groups, and message boards specific to architecture.
Please submit only directories which are specific to architecture, rather than a section of a directory of wider scope. If the directory is restricted to one country or region, please submit it to the relevant category in Regional. (See Arts: Architecture: Regional)
Lists, usually arranged in categories, of web-sites on the topic of the art or science of planning and building structures.
This category lists sites on the web which contribute general services, information, advice or inspiration to the process of educating the architect.
Notices and information on events related to the art or science of planning and building structures, such as competitions, conferences, exhibitions or lectures.
Please do not submit student portfolios here. These should be submitted to Business: Construction and Maintenance: Design: Architects: Resumes and Portfolios.

This category does not generally accept the professional sites of architects and architectural practices, which should be submitted to the appropriate category in Business or Regional.

Novel approaches to the art or science of planning and building structures.
This category will accept, in the following order of preference:

1. URLs of the architect''s own website, or of practices and institutions the architect is strongly connected with.

2. URLs of website(s) dedicated to the architect.

3. URLs of web pages containing detailed and unique information of a scholarly nature. That is: analyses, documentation or criticism.

The above conditions do not, however, automatically qualify the submitted web site for inclusion. Also, the web site submitted should be in English, or having a sizeable component of the content in English.

Please submit sites on deceased architects to Arts/Architecture/History/Architects/

Living architects of international renown whose works are commonly cited in architectural discourse. Architects who have received appreciation from their peers, in the form of awards, honorary degrees, depth studies or analyses.
Please submit only sites in the English language containing significant information relating to the history of buildings.
The study of structures built in periods earlier than the last fifty years, including those who commissioned, designed, built, altered and used them.
The art or science of planning and building a structured landscape.
News services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals relating to the art or science of planning and building structures.
Please do not submit commercial sites here.
Non-commercial sites related to the conservation or preservation of historic buildings.
Sites which focus on the architecture of a particular geographical region, country or locality.
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