Prince Ren searches for the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, travelling with a crew on the ship Wraith while trying to avoid the reach of the villain Bloth and his pirate ship Maelstrom. The Thirteen Treasures of Rule can stop the evil "Dark Water" from consuming the world of Mer. In production since approximately 1989/1990 the cartoon was released in 1991 under the name Dark Water as a five part series. It was released again in twenty-one episodes under the name Pirates of Dark Water and reworked; some changes include the roll of Niddler (a monkey-bird) originally portrayed by Roddy McDowall, re-cast to Frank Welker. The series was cancelled before the story completed. Created by David Kirschner Pirates of Dark Water was produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment, and is now owned by Warner Bros.
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