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"Yadamon: Magical Dreamer", a 170-episode long TV series (with 10-minute episodes!) which ran from 1992-1993 on NHK.
Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese cartoon (Anime) that began in Japan in 1998, and is just now becoming popular in America. Its about a high school freshman named Yugi whose grandpa gives him an ancient Egyptian puzzle that no one has been able to solve. Somehow, Yugi solves the puzzle and releases a mysterious, dark power that gives Yugi the ability to unlock an alter-ego called Yami-Yugi. Now every time Yugi duels someone in Duel Monsters (a card game similar to Pokemon and Magic the Gathering) he is transformed into Yami-Yugi, a more confident and courageous version of himself. What comes after, is an ever twisting plot of dark powers, close duels, evil lowlives, and soul stealing.
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